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At Class Blogs, we have started accepting guest post contributions again, and to make things easy for participants, we have outlined the submission criteria below; 

Article Requirements 

  • All article submissions must be above 500 words 
  • The only pictures used should be royalty-free and they must range between 1-10 pictures 
  • Each submission must have an outbound link from a credible educational site 
  • These number credible outbound links must be limited to three or lower 
  • All outbound links need to come from credible education-centric sites 
  • All articles submitted have to related to education topics 
  • Casino/ Gambling, Payday Loans, Pharma and Adult articles will not be accepted. Political and religious topics are also not within the scope of acceptable submissions 

We have provided a form below for you to fill, this will enable us to reach out to you soon.