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The Benefits of Fire Marshal Training Courses


In an ideal world, everybody would have to partake in fire marshal training courses. Health and safety in the workplace are paramount, and without the necessary experience dealing with fires, working in any sector can be hazardous.

Contrary to popular belief fire marshal training isn’t just for servicemen or those wanting to become of member of the fire brigade; it’s for anyone who has concerns for safety and wants to increase their likelihood of attaining employment. Every place of work should have a dedicated fire marshal. These employees should pinpoint hazards and ensure that the working environment is a safe place to conduct business.

Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, having a professional fire marshal qualification can be beneficial.

Professional Qualifications

Qualifications don’t just show employers that you have the knowledge to complete a certain job; they also prove that you have a passion to further yourself. Partaking in health and safety training courses is always a good way to build your professional portfolio and set yourself apart from the competition.

Professional fire marshal training courses can range between a few hours and a few days. Most of them take around 4 hours to complete and will provide you with a certificate at the end. Courses generally cover: how to use a fire extinguisher, general fire regulations, locating potential hazards, fire safety legislation, the chemistry of fire, precautions and drills and evacuation procedures.

Getting Hired as a Fire Marshal

The job of a fire marshal is usually in addition to another position. For example, you may be employed as an office worker, but also be the company’s registered fire marshal. This extra responsibility usually results in a higher salary.

Applying for Jobs

When you apply for jobs, there’s nothing wrong with offering your expertise as a fire marshal in order to increase your chances of gaining employment. In many circumstances, employers will jump at the chance to have a dedicated fire marshal without excessive expenditure. Even if you don’t mention it in your interview, always ensure it’s on your professional resume.

If you are interested in getting a health and safety qualification, always make sure you use a certified examining body that’s globally recognized.

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