Online Schools For Your Higher Studies

When you invest a substantial amount of time and energy into obtaining a degree to pursue a career as an HVAC technician, electrician, insurance agent, real estate agent, mortgage loan originator, you want to know that you are in a leading position within your field of expertise. Whether you are just entering these fields or […]

Two Military Veterans

Obama Urges Military Veterans to Go Back to School

Military veterans have some of the most resources to go back to school. However after some tuition aid programs were cut, the choices looked grim for military students. Earlier this year in March, Obama signed a bill that restored military tuition aid. Some tuition assistance programs had been cut, which made it more difficult for […]

Soldier aiming with his rifle

Tips for Your LSAT Prep: What To Do To Make Your LSAT Preparation Successful

So, you have always had that dream of having a career in the legal profession. You have always pictured yourself walking out of the courthouse with your head held high after winning your first case. You have always craved that feeling of fulfillment in knowing that you did your part in fighting for another person’s […]