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Obama Urges Military Veterans to Go Back to School

Two Military Veterans

Military veterans have some of the most resources to go back to school. However after some tuition aid programs were cut, the choices looked grim for military students. Earlier this year in March, Obama signed a bill that restored military tuition aid. Some tuition assistance programs had been cut, which made it more difficult for veterans to get financial aid. However, now they have plenty of opportunities to find a scholarship for veterans services and much more. There are many military friendly colleges as well including long distance and special online programs for those who work overseas or have a full-time duty. These are a few things to consider when looking at different colleges.

1. Military-Specific Aid

With tuition assistance programs, the accreditation of the school is important whether public or private. Military-friendly colleges will have their accreditation clearly displayed so you know that you can use military tuition assistance programs like the Post-9/11 GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon. In addition, they should also have scholarships for military service personnel and family as well as veterans. You should look for both nationally and regionally accredited colleges.

2. Military Communities

The school should also sponsor a variety of organizations that help veterans and service persons. They can offer to advise, military friendly organizations, career support groups, transition help and much more. To spot a military friendly college, look at the organizations and types of aid that they additionally offer to students who are currently serving or who did serve.

3. MyCAA Program

Most colleges that have programs for veterans are also in the MyCAA program. The program works with military college families to help with financial aid for education. A spouse with an active duty partner in the military can be eligible for financial benefits as well.

4. Convenient Location and Programs

Colleges work with students who live on bases and who work overseas. It’s important that your college program can remain flexible. With traditional schools, it can be difficult to take time off for a semester or work after duty. That’s why online degree programs have become so popular. However. the program needs to be accredited and provide credits that will transfer to another school if you ever decided to switch.

5. Ask Questions

The first step in finding a good school is to talk to advisers and make a list of schools with military-friendly online degree programs. There are a few accredited degrees that really stand out for online scholarship, student services, low-cost tuition, and military financial aid.

When you’re looking for a great military friendly college, it’s imperative that you look at the school’s accreditation first and then check to see if there are any military organizations for online and on-campus students. This will help tremendously with getting a job and transitioning from service to civilian life in the future. In addition, there should also be programs for spouse and children as well.