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Learning English in the US

Learning English in the US

Learning another language can often be a difficult task. It is often made more difficult by trying to learn a language that is not spoken by those around you. If you are trying to learn English as a second language and it is not the native tongue of your country, city or home it can often be very frustrating to try to practice pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary by yourself. That is why more people are flocking to the United States in order to learn English as a second language to use during their lifetime and further their careers.

English Popularity

One of the main reasons students and business leaders flocked to the US to learn English is its universal appeal. Over 400 million people worldwide speak English as their mother tongue. Another 700 million people globally speak English as a second language. English has more speakers than any other language on the face of the planet except Chinese, yet English is still more widely and evenly distributed. There are few reasons why the English language is so popular the first dating to British imperialism and the spread of English culture worldwide under the British Empire. But there are other reasons as well including the vast vocabulary of the English language pegged at over 500,000 words in the Oxford dictionary, not including a further 500 000 scientific and technical terms that are and cataloged. The five largest broadcasting companies in the world broadcast in English and the backbone of the digital age, the Internet, is majority English. International business and politics are generally still conducted in the English language as well. Although there are over 2700 languages on earth English still reigns supreme as the number one language accepted throughout the world for international use.

Difficulty of Learning English

Even though the English language is one of the most studied throughout the world it is also one of the more difficult languages to learn. This difficulty comes from a number of different areas including grammar, pronunciation and sheer vocabulary size. Where the hardest parts of learning the English language is learning how to spell. Most languages are phonetic in the spelling yet English often has counterintuitive spelling. Words like through, trough and though highlight how words can often look very similar yet sound totally different. The reason for this is that they are not phonetically spelled. The other issue with the English language is that the sound system is so rich. There are a lot of different phonetic sounds which can be combined with a greater number of consonants for even more sounds. Conjugations of verbs, ordering of words within a sentence and even the fact that words can be used as nouns, verbs, add verbs, and even adjectives all proof difficult for non-native learners.

English as a Second Language Growth

English is often spoken in many countries where there are multiple languages in the workplace. English can be the common denominator between all the languages and provide a standard of communication. This can be seen in places like Papua New Guinea where there are over 800 living languages. In order to cross these barriers businesses often require employees to communicate in English. This is created a worldwide demand for English as a foreign language and English as a second language. The difference between the two is that English as a foreign language is used by speakers in social situations such as business whereas English as a second language is spoken by those individuals that use it on a daily basis, generally because they live in an English-speaking country. The rise of the English language worldwide as a communication tool has also given rise to the study of English as a second language for the requirement of education and business opportunities.

If you are looking to expand your horizons internationally or even within business locally learning to speak English can often provide new opportunities. Many international business students flock to the US in order to learn not only English but to learn it in the number one business culture in the world.

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