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Determining if a Masters in Business Administration is right for you


A Masters in Business Administration degree can open many different career doors for you. When applying for the degree program, experts recommend keeping an open mind. It is possible to be a good MBA candidate and still be malleable. This degree should not narrow your career opportunities but open them even further. Here are a few fields the degree can open for you.

If you enjoy sales and have an artistic flair, a marketing manager may be one possibility. While closely related to advertising, the field also looks at financial analysis. The career requires good time management skills and the ability to keep a calendar. While some students have these skills naturally others need the discipline of the Master’s program to develop them.

Many MBA graduates find themselves in a consulting role, providing feedback for ways to improve the efficiency, structure, and profit of an organization. Successful MBA graduates who help to increase profits become very valuable to companies in times of economic downturn and often recession-proof their own careers.

Individuals in human resources also find the MBA to be useful. These individuals often find themselves in a training role. The HR specialists can help to improve the productivity of employees and the overall success of an organization.

The accounting MBA is a great choice for those who are interested in serving in a financial advisor field. While it is possible to enter the role without the masters, it makes the transition to a management position easier. In addition, the Masters helps to reach more clients while building trust with one’s existing client base. Programs that include an internship can help the individual seeking the degree to transition to full-time employment and is a good choice for both the student and the future employer. This type of program can also help the individual who is also interested in obtaining his or her CMA or CPA license.

An MBA can also lead to a role in management for those in the IT field as well. It is especially applicable for those who already have some technical experience. The program can help the techie to develop the necessary people skills to move into management and the experience is beneficial in understanding the role of those one manages.

There are several routes to earning the MBA available. Students choose to attend classes on either a full-time or part-time basis. The part-time degree is an excellent choice for those already working in the field. Classes can be scheduled around one’s job during the evenings or on weekends. Part-time students generally complete their degree requirements within three years.

The School of Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University offers both standard MBA and accounting MBA degrees. The school offers classes in both Toronto and Waterloo. An accelerated program, available only at the Toronto campus allows the graduate student to complete the degree or degree and certification within as little as two years. The Waterloo campus offers the part-time option only. Earning an MBA is often the next logical step in your career path.

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