How to Plan Your Career in Abroad

Not a considerable measure people may understand this, yet school and career planning may as well go as one. Your career planning shouldn’t begin when you’re months far from graduation. It may as well have begun the minute you entered school and picked your course. Be that as it may assuming that you haven’t, it’s still not past the point of no return for you so don’t stress. Here are steps to planning your career adequately and controlling you into the right course.


· Assess your qualities

The leading thing that you need to do before you can mastermind everything else is to recognize your qualities. When you know where you’re great at and what are your regions of investment, it might be simpler for you to limited down the way to your ideal employment. Is it true that you are exceptional in music? Do you revel in investing time with children? Is photography your ardor? These are only illustrations of inquiries you can ask yourself. To help you better in surveying your qualities, you might as well likewise ask your family and companions.

· Inquire about potential occupations

When you know your solid focuses and what abilities you need to outperform, now is the ideal time that you discover a field where those aptitudes could be given something to do and where you can develop professionally and take in a considerable measure from. Anyway there is something vital that you may as well think about exploring about potential careers later on. You ought not to confine your pursuit to simply general data about the organization and the position. Particularly when you’re still in school, what you might as well center in figuring out are the regular obligations for the diverse occupations you are recognizing. Is it true that you are set to be managing a ton of customers or would it say it is for the most part a work area work with just the workstation you’re set to be confronting the entire day? Attempt likewise to figure out if a considerable measure of individuals in that occupation progress rapidly towards the career step since you would prefer not to be stuck doing the same thing five years later.

· Get some answers concerning the immersion of your target occupation 

This is an extremely significant venture in picking a career, on the grounds that there are times when an apparently great thought today ends up being one of your most noticeably bad choices a couple of years later. A couple of years back, Nursing appeared to be the best course to take in light of the fact that there were a ton of occupation offers here and abroad and the pay was great. Yet a couple of years and a huge number of Nursing graduates later, a considerable measure of doctor’s facilities are now completely staffed and a ton of Nursing learners are going amiss into different fields in the trust of arriving an occupation speedier.


· Volunteer or Get a Part-time Job

There is no better way to discover in the event that you are agreeable with your target occupation than to test it out. Assuming that you are still not qualified to be an OJT, there are considerable measures of organizations who are promptly tolerating volunteers. There are considerable measures of sources where you can discover low maintenance employments, beginning obviously with You can additionally look at your school’s arrangement office, adjacent neighborhood healing centers when you need a therapeutic occupation and non-benefit associations where you can offer your administration. The arrangement is that you get a direct knowledge of what’s in store about the occupation, that way you can measure what amount of planning in any case you require and what things regardless you have to take in.

These steps to be extremely vital particularly in the event that you are still a touch confounded now. All the same, it’s your future. Its main fitting that you take the essential measures in guaranteeing that you are in control of it.

· Book driving theory test

There are numerous driving schools can offer Book Driving Theory Test. The point when booking driving theory test or driving lessons Fallow field, guarantee that you book with a legitimate, reliable organization who will have the ability to provide for them you a great arrangement on driving lessons Manchester. The best sources can regularly be previous scholars of one of the driving schools Manchester, so observe around on and logged off and see if there is any individual who can focus you in the right heading.

Saving For The Future While Paying Off Student Loans

Living at home while completing a college degree is a smart decision. It keeps you from having to pay for rent, utilities and entertainment tools like cable television. If you live at home while you attend college, you could also fall into the trap of thinking that you have more money than you actually do. Fall into the trap and before you know it, you’re leasing or buying your own car and racking up credit card expenses years before you land your first “real” job.


You’d also be hampering your ability to save for the future. For example, you wouldn’t have enough disposable income to save for your retirement, an event that comes faster than you think. If Social Security isn’t around when you get ready to retire, you could find yourself working well into your 70s to pay your basic living expenses, likely not what you went to college for.


Despite your best intentions, it’s easy to fall into this trap if you do what many students have done for years, which is taking out several different loans to cover the cost of college tuition. Each loan you take out adds more interests to your debt.


To save yourself the headache of having to pay thousands of dollars in student loan interests, you could work your way through college, foregoing student loans altogether. You could also consolidate your student loans. For example, through CBS loan consolidation, you could owe more than one percentage point less in interest than you’d pay on a federal student loan.


CBS loan consolidation varies depending on what the national interest rates are. However, if the interest rate on a federal student loan is 7.4%, you may only have to pay 5.99% of interests on a CBS loan consolidation plan. The maximum amount you can consolidate under the plan is $220,000. The minimum you can bring under one plan, through a program like the Harvard Business School student loan consolidation is $10,000.


However, taking advantage of a CBS loan consolidation or another consolidation program is not enough. You have to develop a written or a mental budget to keep track of your net income and how much you spend. Skip this step and don’t be surprised to look at your retirement plan and see you’ve only saved a few thousand dollars.


As Forbes shares, “The thing about retirement savings is that there’s no substitute for starting early — and it can be incredibly difficult to make up for lost time.” In addition to consolidating your student loans, get clear about lenders you owe money to and when you have to pay expenses. By simply setting up half your payments during the first part of the month and the other half during the second part of the month, you might find it easier to pay your bills on time and get disciplined about depositing a set percentage into your retirement savings.


Also, set aside a certain portion of your net income to pay priority bills. Make sure you make your retirement savings a priority, not just the repayment of your student loans. It’s these priorities you should keep in mind when you go shopping for products and services (i.e. apartments, landscaping) you’ll have to pay back on repayment plans.




Importance of Matting in Protecting Underground Infrastructure

Industrial matting can be used for a number of various applications one of which is protecting underground infrastructure that can be damaged by a construction site development and by heavy equipment. There are number of industrial matting practices and types that can aid in protecting underground infrastructure that will be explored in this article.  Continue reading Importance of Matting in Protecting Underground Infrastructure

Learning English in the US

Learning another language can often be a difficult task. It is often made more difficult by trying to learn a language that is not spoken by those around you. If you are trying to learn English as a second language and it is not the native tongue of your country, city or home it can often be very frustrating to try to practice pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary by yourself. That is why more people are flocking to the United States in order to learn English as a second language to use during their lifetime and further their careers.  Continue reading Learning English in the US

The Benefits of Fire Marshal Training Courses

In an ideal world everybody would have to partake in fire marshal training courses. Health and safety in the workplace is paramount, and without the necessary experience dealing with fires, working in any sector can be hazardous.

Contrary to popular belief fire marshal training isn’t just for servicemen or those wanting to become of member of the fire brigade; it’s for anyone who has concerns for safety and wants to increase their likelihood of attaining employment. Every place of work should have a dedicated fire marshal. These employees should pinpoint hazards and ensure that the working environment is a safe place to conduct business.

Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, having a professional fire marshal qualification can be beneficial.


Professional Qualifications

Qualifications don’t just show employers that you have the knowledge to complete a certain job; they also prove that you have a passion to further yourself. Partaking in health and safety training courses is always a good way to build your professional portfolio and set yourself apart from the competition.

Professional fire marshal training courses can range between a few hours and a few days. Most of them take around 4 hours to complete and will provide you with a certificate at the end. Courses generally cover: how to use a fire extinguisher, general fire regulations, locating potential hazards, fire safety legislation, the chemistry of fire, precautions and drills and evacuation procedures.

Getting Hired as a Fire Marshal

The job of a fire marshal is usually in addition to another position. For example, you may be employed as an office worker, but also be the company’s registered fire marshal. This extra responsibility usually results in a higher salary.

Applying for Jobs

When you apply for jobs, there’s nothing wrong with offering your expertise as a fire marshal in order to increase your chances of gaining employment. In many circumstance employers will jump at the chance to have a dedicated fire marshal without excessive expenditure. Even if you don’t mention it in your interview, always ensure it’s on your professional resume.

If you are interested in getting a health and safety qualification, always make sure you use a certified examining body that’s globally recognized.

About the Author

Kieran McVeigh is a construction worker from the UK. He is always partaking in training courses in order to improve his resume and progress his career to the next level.

Does Your Language Shape How You Think?

One of the most interesting topics in the field of linguistics is the question of whether language shapes how we think. This is something that people have been asking for hundreds of years and science has been paying close attention to since at least the 1940’s. Of course, the ultimate answer to this question, as with many others, is quite complicated. Language is certainly reflective of culture. Or perhaps the culture is a direct reflection of our language, and we know that culture certainly shapes how we think. Here are some areas for further consideration in relation to language and thought.  Continue reading Does Your Language Shape How You Think?

I Want To Work in Healthcare, Where Do I Start? Your Questions Answered

 The healthcare system in Hong Kong is the envy of many around the world, not least because of the excellent healthcare training which produces the consummate professionals at the heart of the service. Health professions are in demand both at home and abroad so it is little wonder there are so many people interested in such a rewarding and auspicious career.


With its efficient two pillar system of both private and public services, there are many directions to choose from when opting for a career in healthcare. The public sector delivers the bulk of secondary and tertiary care whilst the many private healthcare centres deal primarily with outpatient and primary healthcare. There are crossovers in terms of procedure, but which path suits you best?


If you’re looking to become a doctor, surgeon, or other advanced professional, extensive training is required. Depending on how much you want to specialise, training could take a decade or perhaps even longer. For those with the intellect, commitment, and passion for medicine, this can be a lucrative and rewarding career.


Nurses and healthcare assistants make up a solid foundation for the healthcare industry so it comes as little surprise that so many are seeking work in this ever-expanding field. Those with a strong desire to help, a clinical mind, and a compassionate spirit are the most welcome.


What qualifications do I need?

If you’re looking to enter into the profession, the healthcare training in Hong Kong is excellent. You may choose to study for a degree in the subject or you may prefer to put your skills to work straight away by beginning work. For a healthcare assistant, there are no specific qualifications required so the best course of action is simply to look and apply for relevant jobs.


Where can I get experience?

Work experience is a great way to gain practical knowledge and training for your skills. Experience in clinics will be appreciated, but you may also consider experience as a care assistant. This will give you time to decide if the healthcare profession is really for you. You will also develop your people skills, including communication, empathy, and confidentiality.


Are there any other skills I need?

Due to the varied nature of a job in healthcare, basic literacy and numeracy are a prerequisite of employment. Remember that if you’re struggling with any of these skills, there are government-backed course designed to help you. Most of the other skills you need are specific to your desired role. Both public and private institutions have carefully-designed training programmes, supporting you at the start of your career and offering assistance should you wish to develop further.


Is it a respected role?

The healthcare profession supports and sustains the health and well-being of entire communities, and as such, you will have the support of your community when you decide to serve it in this way. Furthermore, with life spans increasing and the challenges of new and evolving diseases, it is ever more apparent that those choosing this career path are hard-working. This career choice is highly respected in Hong Kong and pays fairly well.


If you’re looking to pursue a career in healthcare in Hong Kong, you will likely find it a rewarding role. General skills can be developed prior to commencing any position and there are ample opportunities for work experience within the healthcare field. The healthcare training you will receive will give you specific skills and demonstrate the utility and grace involved in healthcare work, serving as an inspiration, and a lucrative career for many years to come.




Determining if a Masters in Business Administration is Right for You

A Masters in Business Administration degree can open many different career doors for you. When applying for the degree program, experts recommend keeping an open mind. It is possible to be a good MBA candidate and still be malleable. This degree should not narrow your career opportunities but open them even further. Here are a few fields the degree can open for you.


If you enjoy sales and have an artistic flair, a marketing manager may be one possibility. While closely related to advertising, the field also looks at financial analysis. The career requires good time management skills and the ability to keep a calendar. While some students have these skills naturally others need the discipline of the Master’s program to develop them.

Many MBA graduates find themselves in a consulting role, providing feedback for ways to improve the efficiency, structure and profit of an organization. Successful MBA graduates who help to increase profits become very valuable to companies in times of economic downturn and often recession proof their own careers.

Individuals in human resources also find the MBA to be useful. These individuals often find themselves in a training role. The HR specialists can help to improve productivity of employees and the overall success of an organization.

The accounting MBA is a great choice for those who are interested in serving in a financial advisor field. While it is possible to enter the role without the masters, it makes the transition to a management position easier. In addition, the Masters helps to reach more clients while building trust with one’s existing client base. Programs that include an internship can help the individual seeking the degree to transition to full time employment and is a good choice for both the student and the future employer. This type of program can also help the individual who is also interested in obtaining his or her CMA or CPA licensing.

An MBA can also lead to a role in management for those in the IT field as well. It is especially applicable for those who already have some technical experience. The program can help the techie to develop the necessary people skills to move into management and the experience is beneficial in understanding the role of those one manages.

There are several routes to earning the MBA available. Students choose to attend classes on either a full-time or part-time basis. The part-time degree is an excellent choice for those already working in the field. Classes can be scheduled around one’s job during the evenings or on weekends. Part-time students generally complete their degree requirements within three years.

The School of Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University offers both standard MBA and accounting MBA degrees. The school offers classes in both Toronto and Waterloo. An accelerated program, available only at the Toronto campus allows the graduate student to complete the degree or degree and certification within as little as two years. The Waterloo campus offers the part time option only. Earning an MBA is often the next logical step in your career path.

The Top 5 Things You Never Knew About Online Education

Online education is becoming an extremely popular option across the country. Many students, who could not otherwise go to college, are finding online education a great alternative. It allows them to remain at home and still go to school. Online education also gives students the flexibility of working and taking classes when they can fit them into their schedule. However, there are some important aspects relating to online education that many people do not know. Below is a look at the top five things you never knew about online education.  Continue reading The Top 5 Things You Never Knew About Online Education

Graduate Conundrum: Keep Calm, Look At SMEs

While at university, students often believe that large firms and corporate giants are the only places which have job opportunities. Students seem to believe that they have only two options to choose from; either get into a graduate scheme in the UK with firms such as KPMG or Accenture or become a failure with respect to the job marke

The current prospective job-seeker faces an abysmal scenario on account of the economic and employment conditions. And the students are not to blame as they are exposed to the concept of brands and their economic value through the rise of consumerism. Students themselves feel their futures are with larger companies and any failure to place themselves in such a company causes a wave of anxiety to wash over the prospect.

The time between Christmas and Spring is generally a time which is crammed with applications, cover letters, examinations, psychometric tests and essays about one’s potential. Then when the reply comes back thanking the prospect for their effort by their application has been rejected, the prospect turns against the system, blaming it and rightly so.

A Saturation of Labour

There are almost seventy three graduates applying for each job, such is the saturation in graduate labour. As graduate’s face an unprecedented 73:1 odds of getting a job, rejection letters written with institutionalized sympathy add to the stress of the final year of graduation, which is supposed to be the culmination of three years worth of effort.

These students, who should be further streamlining their academic base and achievements spend a lot of time looking and worrying about jobs. There is an urban legend that if someone does not place in a graduate scheme with a large firm in the UK, their futures are not very healthy, however, the truth is slightly different.

Graduate schemes in the United Kingdom are brilliant opportunities to work with the best firms if the prospect is aware of the sector that he would like to get into or the type of role he would be best suited in. The modern work culture has changed over the past two decades and we now have more flexibility and inter-departmental access in the labour market. The graduate scheme with its inherent rigidity seems a little outdated as the modern graduate is not very sure of his goal either. Ask a random assortment of twenty one year olds about what their plans are and more likely than not, the answers are vague, undefined and still under conceptualization.

Small and Medium Enterprises

Only a minority of students get picked for the hallowed graduate scheme route. In 2012, Small and Medium enterprises held nearly 99.9 percent of the entire private sector. These SMEs have an annual estimated turnover of around three thousand one hundred billion pounds.

Surprising isn’t it?

With SMEs looking to grow and expansion plans being laid out, graduates have a lot to gain from looking at SMEs as a career option but they do not factor into their plans.

SMEs offer internships to begin with it, and they’ve been taking a hit in terms of reputation. They’ve been labeled as being equal to unpaid labour and the exploitation of a desperate graduate base. The recent bills that have been passed have made changes to the advertisements of unpaid internships and there is a change in the perception of internships by graduates.

In this current job scenario though, if a graduate stares at the list of companies to apply to and balks at his chances, he should realize that even if he does not place into a lucrative graduate scheme in the UK, there are still great opportunities available for exploitation in the form of growing SMEs.



Andrew Mills is a career consultant who has been advising and guiding graduates in their path towards building their own futures. Being familiar and updated with the latest internships, opportunities and graduate schemes in the UK, Mills’ is an expert who can identify the best possible role for individual profiles.